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How to Live & Why

Amidst all the suffering in the world

There is space to savour the beauty,

And endless opportunity to serve.

By the grace of nature's secret rhythm

This life is a luminous dance.

As I repeatedly offer up all wanting to the wind, attachment lingers.

How can one truly let go and fully find home within?

How can one serve completely without any trace of an agenda?

For this constellation of identities, the quest continues to unfold.

Yet now, with a knowing mischievous smile,

The rules of the game have changed.

I can hear the silent music.

I dance to the invisible song.

Dance, song, game or mystery, struggle, curse or blessing.

Whatever metaphorical dress life wears

The story is but an ephemeral choice.

A million million paths diverge in every moment

And all of nature guides the way.

The home I long for lives within

In the depths of aloneness where I fear to tread.

The trees steady my heart.

No barrier stands in the way.

No destination exists.

All opposites coallease.

Freedom is a journey beyond time,

Where fear and love embrace.

Dance with me, dear child of the sun.

May the glowing embers of your sweet heart burst into flame,

Again and again

Illuminating the way.

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