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Mindfulness Mentorship

Pragmatic Guidance to Transform Your Way of Being

Mentorship cuts through the hidden barriers to greater mindfulness, contentment, compassion and wisdom

Unblock Your Practice

You're convinced that meditation is valuable for you; the benefits are evident. Your practice is quite consistent, and you may have sat several retreats.


However, you are not experiencing the depth of benefits that you would like, as fast as you would like.​ You sense that there is untapped potential. 

1:1 mentorship helps you to navigate around the hidden barriers to transcend the plateau, trauma, struggle, story, and self.


Is mindfulness & meditation mentorship right for you?

Meditation mentorship can help if you want to:

  • Find more earnest motivation to practise

  • Become more mindful without committing lots more time

  • Clarify and refine your meditation technique

  • Deepen your practice without engaging in dogma

  • Address other challenges related to mindfulness & meditation

Meet Ollie

EA Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


As a mindfulness & meditation mentor, I help to expedite the benefits of your practice. My approach is grounded in unconditional loving-kindness and non-dogmatic wisdom.

Trained by eminent teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, I am certified as a mindfulness & meditation teacher by the University of California, Berkeley. I have been a committed meditator for eighteen years. 

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Ready for a Mentor?

Schedule a free, no obligation 30 minute call to explore whether this is a good fit.

Mentorship Package
6 Weekly 1 hour Sessions

In most cases it will be best to start with a block of six weekly one hour sessions.
You will then have the option to continue meeting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

What to expect / how it works

Before our first session, I will invite you to:

  • Reflect on your goals & objectives for your practice

  • Take a psychometric self-assessment (~20 mins)

During our mentorship engagement, if possible, I request that you:
  • Practice meditation daily

  • Keep a practice journal

  • Engage with the homework that I recommend:

    • Guided meditations

    • Reading

    • Journaling exercises

Typical Mentor Session Format:

Guided meditation (7 mins)
Mindful check in (3 mins)
Weekly practice review (5-10 mins)
Dialogue and/or guided meditation (35-40 mins)
Assigning homework (5 mins)


€75 per 1 hour session, minimum 6 session.
Concessions available on request for people with limited financial means.

What may we cover together?

We'll focus on whatever seems most helpful in the moment. Depending on your needs, our sessions are likely to address several of the following themes:

Formal Practice

Practice consistency
Practice content & quality
Practice duration


Informal Practice

Mindful routines
Mindfulness at work
Mindful relationships
Mindful activities

Practice Building

Practice planning
Practice community
Motivation & intention
Contingency planning

Work From Home

Invest in your Mindfulness & Meditation Practice to

Feel and Perform Better

for the rest of your life

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