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Mindfulness for EA Organisations

Become a more compassionate mindful organisation to support long-term wellbeing & peak performance

Mindfulness is an innate and trainable human competency with extensive proven benefits

A 2014 meta-analysis of 209 clinical research studies (n= 12,145) concluded that mindfulness training showed “large and clinically significant effects in treating anxiety and depression."

Mindfulness-training programmes have also consistently been found to reduce self-reported measures of perceived stress, anger, rumination, and physiological symptoms, while improving positive outlook, empathy, sense of cohesion, self-compassion and overall quality of life. (source)

The 2022 NICE guidelines for wellbeing at work recommend offering all employees (or helping them access) “mindfulness, yoga or meditation on an ongoing basis”. 

Whilst being clear that organisational strategy is the foundation for good mental wellbeing at work, the committee that reviewed the evidence concludes that “mindfulness, meditation and yoga were the most effective overall in reducing job stress.”

Flag Waving in the Wind

Compassionate Mindfulness Training For Your Staff

Tailored to your context and culture

Intro to Mindfulness Course

I train your staff in the foundations of mindfulness, and help them to (re)establish an effective personal mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Mentorship

1:1 mentorship helps your staff who meditate to cut through the hidden barriers to greater mindfulness, contentment, compassion and wisdom.

Mindfulness Facilitators on your Team

I train & mentor members of your team as mindfulness facilitator(s) for your organisation. Facilitators may initiate:

  • Meditation sitting groups

  • Mindful spaces

  • Mindful meetings

  • Mindful routines

  • Mindful training

Meet Ollie

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


As a mindfulness & meditation teacher, I help to expedite the benefits of mindfulness for your team and organisation. My approach is grounded in unconditional loving-kindness and non-dogmatic wisdom.

Trained by eminent teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, I am certified as a mindfulness & meditation teacher by the University of California, Berkeley. I have been a committed meditator for eighteen years. 

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Work From Home

Invest in Mindfulness to Help Your People

Feel and Perform Better

for the rest of their lives

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