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Introduction to Mindfulness

A course for aspiring Effective Altruists, Longtermists,
AI Safety Professionals & Adjacent Groups
If you want to increase your personal effectiveness and performance, manage your emotions better, or find more meaning in life,
mindfulness meditation may help.
Sand Dunes

Learn the Art of Mindfulness

This course teaches a non-dogmatic orientation to meditation and life that is conducive to mindful loving presence. It offers a boost, a strong nudge, towards mindfulness as a way of life. 

It does not offer a step-by-step guide, a prescriptive method, a mechanical process or a definitive system. Rather, this course teaches the art of mindfulness and meditation.

4 x weekly 90 min online classes

You are expected to practice meditation every day throughout the course...

Just 30 seconds a day will help to (re)establish the habit.

Indoor Yoga

Student, Cohort 8

Mindfulness meditation has so many benefits. Among others, it can make us happier, more effective, more wise and compassionate. Oliver is an expert and showcased all these benefits with kindness and generosity. Every session included guided meditations and he had excellent and insightful answers to all our questions. The materials provided with the course were expertly chosen and especially suitable for EAs and similar communities.

Student, Cohort 8

I loved the course despite having it for a short period. Our teacher, Mr. Oliver Bramford, was helpful and accommodating to his students. He gave us the time and space to actually learn the practice of meditation by providing us with materials and demonstrating it during class, together with other fellow students. Besides this, the course offered easy and self-paced learning for the student... the course encourages you to live a lifestyle that helps you grow into a better person through the practice of meditation.

Benefits of Mindfulness Suggested By Modern Research

Executive Function

Improve attention/focus
Increase cognitive flexibility
Increase impulse control
Improve emotion regulation
Increase working memory

Physical Health

Slow down cell ageing
Improve sleep
Improve immune function
Reduce blood pressure
Treat heart disease

Mental Health

Reduce stress
Treat depression and anxiety
Increase subjective well being
Increase relationship satisfaction
Reduce chronic pain


Cultivate mindfulness with fellow EAs

Meet Ollie

EA Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


I intend to help enable the emergence of wise global power structures & transformative AI by teaching mindfulness, meditation & non-dogmatic wisdom to people working in relevant domains.

Trained by eminent teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, I am certified as a mindfulness & meditation teacher by the University of California, Berkeley. I have been a committed meditator for eighteen years. 

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Why Mindfulness For EAs?

Mindfulness helps you to:

  • Have more agency and resilience to live in alignment with your values

  • Become more aware of harmful biases and assumptions

  • Adopt wiser mindsets, work habits and lifestyle practices

  • Experience more psychological safety, belonging & inner peace​​

New York City

Why This Course?

Focused on Practice

 (Re)start and deepen your meditation practice to realise the benefits of mindfulness.

Ongoing Practice Community

Get accountability, friendship and continuity of support from other EA-informed meditators.

Non-Dogmatic Approach

learn evidence-based secular meditation practices without the religious baggage. 

Financially Accessible

Recommended donation: 0.25% of your annual income, or whatever feels affordable.


Course Overview

Each class is a mix of intro talks, guided meditations and questions & answers, with up to 10 students.
Class 1: What is Mindfulness?

Introducing: Meditation for Concentration
(Anchor attention in the present moment)

Class 2: Welcoming Difficult Emotions

Introducing: Meditation for Self-Compassion (RAIN)

Class 3: Cultivating Pleasant & Healthy Emotions

Introducing: Meditation for Loving-Kindness (Metta)

Class 4: Taking Your Practice Into The World

Introducing: Meditation for Insight (Vipassana)

4 x 30 minute structured journalling exercises

Week 1: (Re)starting a Daily Meditation Practice
Week 2: Motivation, Intention & Obstacles
Week 3: Sustaining Your Practice
Week 4: Deepening Your Practice

4 x 90 minute classes

Work From Home

Invest in your Mindfulness Practice to

Feel and Perform Better

for the rest of your life

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